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Thank you for visiting Datsumo Labo’s recruitment website.

I would like to work in something related to the Beauty industry; I want to be an Esthetician; I am interested in working part-time; I want to change my career but quotas and hierarchies seem strict; I do not have experience thus it might be difficult to change career into this line; Even if I am employed I feel insecure…Datsumo Labo will erase all these worries away!
Our staffs are selected regardless of their age and will be there to support you whenever you need it. If you are inclined to the beauty industry, why not work with us? Together, we can create and serve the best of ‘beauty’ to our customers.

We do not have unreasonable quotas

The appeal of working at Datsumo Labo is that there is NO QUOTAS, thus you can work freely and without worries. We also do not sell any cosmetics or beauty equipment. We only have one product – our S.S.C Hair Removal Treatment Plan. Because we offer our plans at affordable prices, we reach out to a wide range of customers be it students, working women, or even housewives. Because of our cheap prices but top-grade treatment, our customers look forward to and many are satisfied by our services.

A pleasant working environment

Regardless of part-time or full time staff, we want everyone to enjoy their work and nurture with us. If you are able to like what you do, the shop will brighten up and customers will also be happy with your service. Good service starts from happy staff and a pleasant working environment!

Interested applicants who are new to the beauty industry are welcome! In Japan, 200 of our staff have had no sort of experience before working with us. But, they have grown to respect and like their job! In Singapore, we promise to achieve the same goal and warmly welcome you into our family.

Once recruited, all staff will undergo training and after which, will become one of our branch staff. We allow 3 months of probation period where you will receive full support and advice from your seniors regarding skills and knowledge you do not know. The same goes for those who changed careers and are part-time staff. To some, the sudden change might be unsettling, but worry not! Your supervisors and seniors are more than willing to give you a hand, patiently teach you, and support you in your job. You can also approach your branch’s manager and freely discuss any of your queries or worries anytime.

“Work with a smile every day. Work towards your dreams!” Datsumo Labo is waiting for you!