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If you’ve been hearing the fighter jets once in a while during your days, surely you know what’s coming!

Our hair removal pricing plans and packages are designed with true flexibility and effectiveness in mind.

We meticulously research our methods and bring to you the most cost-efficiency while promising results.

No hard selling. No product pushing. This is what distinguishes us from other companies you may see on the market today.

New Online Consult Option!

For convenience & your peace of mind, we have start our NEW online consult option! Virtually purchase your hair removal packages by contacting our callcenter & do your treatment straight away at our branch without any hassle! T&Cs Apply

Online payment method: PayNow to company UEN

▼ NDP Limited Package Ending Soon! ▼

▼ Unlimited Limited Package Ending Soon! ▼


NDP Special Promo

U.P $2040 @ 72.5% OFF




(mini/CLASSIC areas only)

Simi Areas Ah?

Choose your favourite areas from the body chart below

SHR Packages
@ 65~80% OFF

U.P$1,632 –65.7% OFF!

Any 2 M/C Areas 12 Sessions


($46.70/session, $23.35/area)

U.P$3,168 – 72.9% OFF!

Any 2 Areas 18 Sessions


($47.80/session, $23.90/area)

U.P$2,464 – 77.3% OFF!

Any 7 Areas 4 Sessions


($140/session, $20/area)

U.P$4,928 – 78.5% OFF!

Any 7 Areas 8 Sessions


($132.50/session, $18.95/area)

U.P$7,392– 81.6% OFF!

Any 7 Areas 12 Sessions


($113.35/session, $16.20/area)

U.P$11,088 – 83.9% OFF!

Any 7 Areas 18 Sessions

Limited to 10 Customers Only!


($99.35/session, $14.20/area)

Upgrade Options



for all sessions



@ 56% OFF

*min 3k packages

Enquire with our lovely staff for more information!

Looking for SHR/IPL hair removal packages that are not stated above? For convenience & your peace of mind, use our Whatsapp Online Consult Option where you can enquire after-discount pricings via whatsapp, & also virtually purchase your hair removal packages. Do your hair removal treatment straight away during your first visit at our branch without any hassle! T&Cs Apply.

Online payment method: PayNow to company UEN

▼ NDP Limited Package Ending Soon! ▼

▼ Unlimited Limited Package Ending Soon! ▼


How it Works

Step 1:
Book an Appointment

Online Booking

Conveniently book via the reservation system on our website.

Whatsapp Us

Our whatsapp hotline is open from 11am to 6pm daily.

Step 2:
Preparation at Home

Please shave the body areas to be treated at least one day before you are scheduled to receive hair removal treatment. If you tend to suffer from razor burn, shave at least one week before you are scheduled to receive treatment. The hair removal procedure cannot be performed unless you shave in advance at home.

It is recommended that you refrain from receiving hair removal treatment during menstruation when your hormones are in a state of flux.

We offer shaving assistance at a fee of $5~$15, depending on the area the staff helps you shave. It is this recommended you shave at home.

Step 3:

For best results, know your hair type, volume and decide which areas of your body you want to get treated for hair removal.

A consultant from Datsumo Labo can develop the perfect hair removal plan for you according to your skin condition, hormone balance and with the ongoing promotional discounts available.

Step 4:
Before Treatment Care

Before the hair removal treatment starts, our specially formulated Princess Gel © is applied to the areas of the body where the hair is to be removed. This gel helps prevent skin irritations that might occur from heat released from the treatment. It also has whitening & moisturising properties, a nourishing experience for your skin.

The gel is cooling and the hair removal treatment should not cause any pain.

Step 5:
Hair Removal Treatment

Hair removal treatment will now commence.

Lay back and relax while a professional hair removal specialist trained by Datsumo Labo expertly & smoothly performs the hair removal treatment.

Step 6: All Done!

After-treatment gel or cooling down towels will be applied to the treated skin to  sooth the skin.

Do remember to refrain from doing any strenuous activities that causes perspiration, avoid alcohol and ensure treated area is gently & thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day to avoid potential skin problems.

Book Your Ticket to A Hair-free Hairless Smooth Skin Future

General T&Cs for All Promo/Sale

  1. Each promotion is not stackable with other promotion, sale discounts and/or coupons.
  2.  The management reserves the right to amend, pause, and/or extend this campaign promotions at any given time.
  3. Promotional treatment cancellation policies apply to all hair removal services purchased under this promotion. Please see below for details.


National Day Promo SHR Hair Removal Sale General T&Cs

  1. All packages can be enjoyed if the customer purchases by 16th Aug, 2021.
  2. This promotional limited packages promo can be enjoyed by both new & existing customers.
  3. Customers can choose Classic/Exclusive areas with a $100 top-up if package only states M/C areas available.
  4. A maximum of 2 packages can be stacked, in which the areas will be doubled. Sessions & Validity cannot be doubled


For customers who purchase via our callcenters – by purchasing this promotion online, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  1. Strictly no refunds.
  2. You will be required to provide your particulars for appointment booking (name, contact number and email)
  3. Please start your package within 2 months of purchase. Validity periods start from 1st session but will start automatically if no sessions was used within 2 month of purchase. We do not allow booking for more than 1 appointment per customer.
  4. Appointment Cancellation Policies: *FREE for cancellations up to 2 days before appointment. *$10 for cancellations a day before appointment *Forfeit of session if no-show/same day cancellation.
  5. Receipts will be sent via email to the customer if requested. The customer will have to physically sign the contract and agreements when they are at the branch to hair removal treatment.
  6. Payment will be via PayNow to our company’s UEN number. Please screenshot your transfer & keep it for reference.