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Portable IPL Hair Removal Device

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Purchase your
Home Edition


Choose to pay by Paynow only this August
and enjoy an additional $50 OFF!
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Datsumo Labo's

Portable IPL Hair Removal Device

Hair Removal in the Comfort of Your Home


1. Contact Us
Do whatsapp us at +65-84681029 (click link here to jump to whatsapp) send in your queries and/or feedback to [email protected]
Please allow up to 2-3 working days for us to get back to you.


2. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we are able to ship overseas (from Singapore) only for Home Edition purchases. Please contact us directly for shipping costs.


3. I need the item urgently, can my order be expedited?
For expeditied orders, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or message us through WhatsApp at +65-84681029 to check if we can accept the expedite order.
We reserve the right to reject your order/request if we are unable to fulfill your expected deadline.


4. Can I cancel an order?
Once the device has been shipped out, you will not be able to cancel the order.


5. How will the device be delivered to me?
We use Ninjavan (delivery is free). The tracking number will be sent to you after delivery.


6.How long will shipment take?
It takes 1-3 working days to ship out after receiving your delivery details. Please check Ninjavan's delivery status after receiving the tracking number.
If you wish to expedite your order, please discuss with our callcenters directly, thank you.

1. What is the power usage of the product?
This product uses up to 45W. This product also uses a 2-pin plug as it is a product of Japan and you will require an adapter. If needed, we may provide the adapter for you to keep at a fee of SGD$3.


2. Will the product run out of shots?
The Home Edition boasts a total of 300,000 shots, enought to use for 300 rounds of full body hair removal.


3. How do I keep the product clean?
1) Turn off the power, unplug the power cord, and allow the product to cool. *The glass surface will become hot during use. Always allow it to cool it down first before cleaning the glass surface.
2) Use a damp cloth that has been tightly wringed to remove excess water and clean the glass surface & metal frame.
3) If the small crevices of the irradiation surface is difficult to clean, using a cotton swab is plausible but be careful not to leave any fibers on the surface. If necessary, wipe the product with a dry cloth.


4. How often should I use the product?
Using the product twice a week on one area is a guideline for treatment intervals. However, it can vary depending on the individual's constitution and intended usage on which body area.
If you do not feel any results, we recommend increasing the frequency. More information is written in the User Manual.

1. What is the difference between the device and shop IPL machine?
Our device light wavelength is the same range as IPL machines and offers the same effectiveness if done accurately.


2. Is the device comfortable/ effective on the skin? Will it be painful?
Our device is specially built with a cooling mechanism feature - a chilled metal strip around the glass which cools down your skin after every shot.
This provides a comfortable hair removal process with minimal skin irritation.
There will be a heated sensation with each shot but it should not be painful if applied correctly.


3. How many treatments is required to see results?
Hair removal effectiveness follows the same as salons - 6 to 10 sessions to feel slightly slower hair growth (depends on area), 10-12 sessions to visibly start seeing hair removal results.
Subsequent treatments after 12 sessions should show slower hair growth & gradual hair reduction.
For the first 6 sessions at least, we recommend to leave a 2 week gap for every treatment (per area), so our suggestion is to do a different area per day to keep up the routine.


4. Which is better for me, the device or going to shop for hair removal treatment?
We recommend our device for customers who seek hair removal maintenance and only need to touch up when they feel the need to.
The device can we done on most body areas, but there are some areas that will require extra care and attention - especially the brazilian and facial areas - which might be a less worrisome on your end if done at the shop by our trained crew.
Also, most of our body hair grow at different speeds. You can use the device to settle hair that grow extra quick and require more sessions, like the underarm, in between treatment appointments, while doing hair removal at salons.
Lastly, if you are someone who prefers to be pampered or want to take a breather once a month at our shop, maybe doing at our shop at affordable prices might be a suggestion for you.

Download User Manual <here>


Download Pamphlet here <here>


Choose to pay by Paynow only this August
and enjoy an additional $50 OFF!

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Home Edition Portable IPL Device

Hair removal in the comfort of your home – Introducing Datsumo Labo’s Home Edition with innovative technology to make portable hair removal effective and affordable.