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Customer Rewards Program

Thank you for choosing Datsumo Labo as your preferred hair removal salon. Enjoy our heartfelt thanks to you when you share the love to your friends & family!


  1. Search “Datsumo Labo Somerset/TP” on Google Maps & leave a RATING/review if you liked our service
  2. On the google map app, click on “Contribute” > “View your profile” & show us your review or rating at Datsumo Labo.
  3. Enjoy a FREE whitening essence on any area of your choice during your next session!

*T&C Apply


Reward: You get 1 FREE FULL Session per friend.
Your Friend gets EXTRA 10% OFF.

  1. Bring your friend for consultation when you come for treatment OR inform us if your friend is coming for consultation alone.
  2. Enjoy your FREE 1 Session! (Maximum 5 sessions)

Note: If you are a 7 Area customer, you get 1 FULL Session of 7 Areas free, and so forth! (Maximum 7 Areas) *T&C Apply


Reward: 1 FREE Area for your session

  1. Visit our testimonials page and tell us why you love Datsumo Labo
  2. Enjoy your FREE 1 Area!

Please note that your testimonial may be published online. We will arrange for your next session to include 1 FREE Mini or Classic Area of your choice! *T&C Apply


Reward: FREE Whitening Essence application and 40% OFF Package Top-ups

  1. Schedule a treatment during your birthday month
  2. Show your NRIC to our staff on duty when you come for treatment
  3. Enjoy your FREE Whitening Essence on any area of your choice! (While stocks last)

*T&C Apply